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Why Use Semiwally

  • At Semiwally, we believe each customer is unique in their tastes!
  • We are dedicated to helping you find and create your “perfect” cookie!
  • Semiwally cookies are made fresh to your order!
  • Fine tune and control the amount of ingredients in your cookies!

Happy Customers

My favorite creation is an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie with dark chocolate chunks and some coconut!  UMMMM!  Heaven!
RR Queen, Lucille Packard
I made a peanut butter cookie with peanuts.  It was good, but not perfect.  Then I went back to Semiwally and add Reeses peanut butter chips and cups to my cookie.  Oh My God!!!  That was the one!!!  Best triple peanut butter cookie of all time!  Thanks Semiwally!!
Nutty, Google
I love having my kids make cookies for themselves.  I make sure they choose the half sugar batter and then add what they like into it.  It’s fun and healthier.  Also, it teaches my kids impulse control as they wait a couple of days for their cookies to arrive.  Semiwally is a great tool!  Thanks!
Good Mom, Home
I work at a bakery and we make cookies all the time.  Nothing compares to my Semiwally cookies!  The best!!!  I made a Chocolate cookie with heavy peanut butter chips and light macadamia nuts.  The Best!!
Choco Monster, Bakery
I love Semiwally!!!  Love how you can try a cookie and then go back and fine tune and iterate until you get the perfect cookie for yourself!  Awesome cookies!  Thanks!
Software Dude, Tesla